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KoKo Canterbury - Hands & Feet Pro Spa

OPI ProSpa introduces the first & only professional salon skincare line that brings the quality & efficiency of facial skincare to premium products developed specifically for the hands and feet. ProSpa is designed to nourish & protect skin while helping to fight the signs of aging. Polishes are available in Gel, Infinite shine, Gel break, Nail Envy & OPI polish.

OPI Gel Colour

Perfect for anyone who likes to have manicured nails all the time, OPI's shine intense Gel colour shades dry in 30 seconds and last for weeks!

Infinite Shine Polish

Infinite Shine polish looks like a gel with long lasting effects of up to 10 days with a high shine.

Gelbreak Polish

Gelbreak polish gives your nails a rest from gels. The perfect inbetween manicure treatment enriched with vitamins and minerals to hydrate and nourish the nails.

Nail Envy Polish

OPI's natural nail strengthener. Made with wheat protein & calcium to help nails grow harder, longer & stronger. There are six formulas depending on your nails needs.


ProSpa Pamper Manicure - £38

The crème de la crème of manicures, you will benefit from unparalleled exfoliation, moisture and protection while relaxing with a combination of massage & acupressure techniques designed to reduce stress and release tension. You will leave feeling pampered and rejuvenated with soft glowing skin after your ProSpa Pamper Manicure.

File, cuticle care, exfoliate, moisturising mask treatment, massage and choice of polish.

ProSpa Signature Manicure - £30

You will experience the quintessential OPI ProSpa products combined with a relaxing massage and acupressure techniques, known as the "Can't live without" manicure. You will love the improved texture & appearance of your hands.

File, cuticle care, moisturise and massage & choice of polish.

ProSpa Express Manicure - £25

In a rush, but still need a quick way to de-stress? The OPI ProSpa Express Manicure is perfect. Featuring essential OPI ProSpa products and techniques in a condensed service that doesn't sacrifice on a premium experience.

File, Nail shape, moisturising massage and a choice of polish.

Nail shape, file & OPI polish - £18

OPI Colour Gel - £35 - Reapply - £40

OPI Colour Gel dries in 30 seconds, this durable glossy colour lasts weeks! A wide range of the latest & classic OPI colours are available to choose from.

Nail art, French polish & Chrome effect nails - £38

Gel removal & cuticle oil applied - £18

Manicure Male grooming - £28


ProSpa Pamper Pedicure - £48 with Gels £68

The ultimate pedicure to help soothe, relax and pamper. You will benefit from unparalleled callus softening, exfoliation, moisture & protection, while revelling in an extended massage with acupressure designed to reduce stress and relieve tension.

ProSpa Signature Pedicure - £37 with Gel £57

The Signature Pedicure service includes the quintessential OPI ProSpa products to soak, smooth callused feet, exfoliate and lock in moisture combined with a relaxing massage with acupressure techniques. Your feet will feel rejuvenated.

ProSpa Express Pedicure £28

Quick, effective but still very relaxing, the express pedicure feature the essential OPI ProSpa products. A premium experience in less time.

OPI Gel Pedicure - £38

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